The Role of an International Secondary School in Mexico City

The International Secondary School in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is another example of international education. The International Secondary School is a co-curricular club, whose aim is to teach students from different nations the basic Dutch language. It is also an international school that offers exchange opportunities between various countries. The school has been running for over thirty years and was created to cater to the needs of foreign students who want to study in the Netherlands and other foreign countries. The International Secondary School offers both academic and non academic study programs.

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The Rotterdam International Secondary School is an international secondary school based in the Blijdorp district of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. English is usually the medium of instruction in this academy. There are two main academies; one is located at Flevoland in Netherlands and the other is at Valkenswil in Netherlands. These two academies have different types of students. Some of the students of the International Secondary School are British, Chinese, Indian, Korean, and others.

The international student population of the international secondary school varies on a yearly basis. In the last academic year, the percentage of foreign pupils was 20%. The percentage of foreign students was higher in some areas than others such as Flevoland/Nederland or Zaat. The proportion of native pupils in this school was slightly above the national average, and this was mainly because of the ethnic mix in this part of the city.

This international secondary school also caters to children of different ages. There are children of primary school age, those in secondary school, and then again, there are adults. For example, there are a lot of adults who want to further their education in a European university. This European University is the European Studies University. This means that it caters to people who wish to go to an EU institution, but who also wish to pursue a career in teaching.

An interesting aspect of the International Secondary School in Mexico City is that it is a unit of the Catholic Church. It is therefore led by a priest who is considered very much part of the Vatican City School. One of the most famous faculty members is Dr Joanna Martinelli, a very talented pupil of Aristotle. She has also studied at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. It is interesting to note that Dr Joanna Martinelli is married to another eminent figure from the Vatican, the Pope.

A few years back, there were efforts done to have the International Secondary School in Mexico City recognized by the U.S. Secretary of State. This effort was brought about by the Mexican government through its representative, Mr. Hector Aguilar. However, this effort did not succeed due to the lack of support from the US authorities. There are many reasons behind this, such as the fact that Mexico is not considered a reliable country for sending international students, which in turn does not make the American school system reliable enough for the Mexican government to rely on. Mexico is a country that needs a lot of development work in order to be able to come up to par with the standards of other developed countries, such as the UK and Australia.

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